Fruit and vegetable products are sometimes received with caked on dirt or dust. Washing, and even scrubbing, some commodities and then rinsing in cold chlorinated water may be necessary to remove dirt and reduce microbial populations before cutting. Our specialized custom cleaning equipment meets or exceeds all government regulation and provides the ability to thoroughly clean and process your fresh-cut product to market in timely fashion that maintains the high-quality freshness your customers demand.

  • Brush Washers - 16" - 84" wide on Variable Brush Lengths
  • Rubber Roll Water Absorbers
  • Dry Brush Cleaners
  • Linear Brush Washers
  • Pressure Pulse Washers
  • Dump Tanks
  • Spray Hoods
  • Overhead Cleaning Brush Units and more

Please contact us directly at 407.299.1592 or send us a message for a personalized quote.

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