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If you are a customer of ours and have something, preferrably nice, to say about our products and services, we would love to hear from you here. If you are seeking production line machinery, and would like more information and a price quote, please contact us directly at 407.299.1592, or by email at

Great Knowledge and Service

Upon my initial meeting, I was greeted with a southern style courtesy that made me feel right at home. I was given a tour of the facility and a chance to meet the design, sales and leadership ship so I could put face to name and know personally who I would be speaking with in future communications. I was shocked at how well Mark, the lead sales guru, knew not only their product, but the agricultural industry, including all regulatory issues we would be dealing with in the creation of my line. If you are in the market for any type of custom production assemble, packing or shipping line, I would not hesitate in contacting AMP to at least hear the opinion of an expert and get a quote.
5 out of 5 Stars!
Jim Marcey
JLM Systems
Sunrise, Florida

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