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Regardless of the items you are sorting and/or sizing, our manufacturing team of designers and fabricators can build a machine to handle the job. 


Sorting & Sizing

Sorting and sizing are accomplished with a variety of  methods, including chain sizing, pinch belts, drop and roll, trail roll, parallel tube sizing, electronic sizing, cup and chain, and vibratory sizing and sorting.

  • Chain Sizers

  • Punch Belts

  • Drop Roll

  • Trail Roll

  • Parallel Tube Sizes

  • Electronic Sizers Cup & Chain

  • Vibratory Sizing & Sorting

Cutting & Size Reduction

No matter your desired application or industry, AMP offers a cutting solution for your business. With high capacity custom slicers, dicers, shredders, milling equipment, and other food cutting machinery, we offer quality custom design and machinery that will increase line efficiency and stand the test of time. While focusing on the fresh-cut and food industry, we can also develop solutions for dairy, meat and poultry, transportation, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, chemical, and other related fields that require precision size reduction equipment.



Our custom grading equipment ensures proper fresh-cut processing of packaged salads, precut vegetables, prepared fruit and wet salads.

  • Live & Control roll Tables

  • Belt on Roll Sorting Tables

  • Pre-Grade Sorting Tables

  • Manual & Electronic Systems

Sorting, Sizing, Cutting & Grading
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