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Pre-packaged salads and fresh-cut vegetables have become a standard for today's busy consumer. At AMP, we confront head-on, the challenges of the fresh-cut industry including food safety, shelf-life, transportation and labor. We construct our fresh-cut processing equipment to be easily sanitized, and adjusted to existing production lines for years of reliable service.

  • Complete salad lines

  • Complete vegetable processing lines

  • Unique washing solutions for exceptionally soiled products such as spinach and spring mix

  • Floating debris removal units combined with super effective wash for removal of insects and small pieces

  • Conventional flume type washing systems for lettuce products

  • Vegetable preparation equipment

  • Dewatering shakers and tables

  • Dumping units

  • Wash tanks

  • Trim and cut tables

  • Bagging

  • Weighing and boxing for leafy products, greens, and all types of vegetables and fruits

  • Bin stackers and destackers with optional bin washing units and more

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