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How Might Next Week's Election Affect the Markets?

Are the markets prepared for either eventual outcome

of the 2016 presidential election?

With the most unconventional election in modern American history drawing to a close, the global financial markets are betting on more of the same -- a Democrat in the transparent House kept in check by Republicans in Congress. Given all of the October surprises, investors may be ill-prepared for another on Nov. 8.

Renewed controversy over Hillary Clinton’s e-mails “is not likely to cause a fundamental shift in the presidential race,” analysts at Evercore ISI said in a report dated Oct. 30. The biggest shock would be a victory by Republican Donald Trump or a sweep by the Democrats. Either could send investors running for cover into the safest government bonds, U.S. dollars and the yen and fleeing from riskier equities and emerging markets, much like the aftermath of the U.K.’s June vote to leave the European Union. Beyond that, both candidates want to increase spending and cut taxes which would be bullish for stocks and bearish for fixed income.

All the Ways This Election Day Will Be Different: QuickTake Q&A

[Follow the link below] for a look at potential winners and losers depending on who wins and loses. But first, a caveat. vestors’ immediate reaction to U.S. elections often doesn’t last, ...... Find the Chart and more at

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