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$100 Ideas: A Shop Door That Opens Two Ways

The Prototype for Two-Way 14'x14'

Submitted by Gary Coles doors

Gary Coles

Idaho Falls


$200 Double Your Money Winner: A Shop Door That Opens Two Ways

I built onto my 40'x40' shop, adding 50' on the north side with a 14'x27' door opening. Because space and money were limited, I built a door that opens two ways. The two 14'x14' doors hinge at 6', each with three large barn hinges. I used 2½"x4" rectangular tubing for the track and rollers from an old baler. I cut out 1½" on one side of the tubing for the rollers. I also cut a circle for the hinged door and roller to slide out of the rail to fold against the 8' section. When open, the doors only extend 22" from the shop.

The total cost of the project was $750—much cheaper than a 14'x27' overhead door.

Gary Coles farms with his sons, Tyson and Gregory. They

raise wheat, barley, alfalfa and beef cattle.

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