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Going Green

One of the newest trends that has been sweeping the nation is organic produce and products. Now some people are all for it and some people are asking what all the hype is about. Organic is defined by the Webster dictionary as "coming from a living organism or food produced without the use of pesticides, chemically formulated fertilizers, growth stimulant, antibiotics, or pesticides."

Some might say, who would want to feed their family or themselves foods that are treated with these poisons, unfortunately mainstream Americans have gotten use to not really worrying about what's in products or how produce is grown but rather what is the quickest and most convenient to eat.

Although this has become "the norm", Americans have really embraced the organic "trend", so much so, in fact, that as of 2016 out of a survey of 100,000 homes, 82.3% of American households now contain organic products and produce. From, 2015 - 2016 the National average of organic products and produce has raised 3.4%, according to the most recent U.S. Census Bureau Statistics.

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One of the biggest issues expressed by those trying to eat healthier and buy more organic foods is generally the expense of it as well as the availability. Thankfully a lot of companies are trying to get on board with providing more organic or natural products. Many have discovered Whole Foods stores, as well as, local farmers markets that have fresh organic produce and products available, however often these products tend to cost more making them less desirable to the mass public.

One of the major companies that is joining this healthier eating through organic products and produce, is that of Costco. Now I know it may seem hard to believe, however, as of 2015 Costco was bringing in somewhere around $4 billion annually in organic food, beating out even the sales of Whole Foods. Not only are they providing a great chunk of organic food throughout America, but they are also working towards creating more organic farms here in the U.S. Up until now, a lot of organic products are imported from Mexico and even some from Chile, however Costco has gone so far as to lend money to local farmers who are transitioning to organic farming, in order to increase the supply for the demand that we have here in the U.S.

As society is ever changing, so we too must change with the times. The transition from non-organic to organic farming is, oftentimes, an expensive and time consuming process. Generally to cleanse the farm land of the pesticides and other chemical from the soil, takes around three years and all the farming equipment also has to be transitioned from non-organic to organic. With the latest trend in organic farming, AMP is proud to be participating in the manufacturing of these organic-friendly farming equipment. Want to know more, please contact us at or for personalized service, contact us at (407) 299-1592.

1., April 13, 2016

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